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Get ahead of your circles.
Yesterday, as part of my circles I did some reading on Cal Newport's and Scott H Young's blogs. I've been thinking lately exactly about this topic of circles. How we circle around. In Russian there is an interesting way of saying this, "как мы топчемся на месте". How we stay in one place. But there are circles that can get you forward. That's a nice news.

Scott came to thinking about this circles after watching Westworld tv series https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westworld_(TV_series)

Quote from Scott H Young's blog post https://www.scotthyoung.com/blog/2017/01/04/first-see-the-circle/:

Idea, enthusiasm, a few bursts of momentum, frustration and then quitting. A circular script they run time and time again.

Not all circles are bad. Circles underlie much of how we function. Work too hard and you’ll need a break. Break for too long and you’re itching to do something. Wake, sleep. Relax, focus. All circles.

What strikes me about the circles isn’t so much whether they’re good or bad but that we rarely see their shape. Like the Westworld androids, we can’t see our scripts even when they should be obvious. Something in our self-concept obscures or censors the circularity of our actions.

I’m not sure why this appears to be so. It might be that circles persist best when unseen, so naturally the ones in our blind spots tend to last longer. It may be that our ego protects the idea of our autonomy by focusing on the idiosyncratic reasons for each cycle’s existence and ignoring their persistent shape.


The ultimate movie to show you the break of circles is the old "The Groundhog Day". Which I still enjoy watching from time to time.

Another thing that occured at the end of reading, I read a comment:

What Scott calls circles is also known as automatic thoughts - patterns and scripts that happen on repeat without much awareness. I think this process can be quite difficult if you're going about it by thinking analytically: it is easy to fall into rumination and enter yet another circle. A better way would be to 1) write your thoughts down 2) practice mindfulness as it changes the so-called DMN - the brain circuit that is involved in our resting state. Have a look here for a good starting point https://thinkingclearly.co/2016/12/17/best-guided-meditations-for-beginners/

DMN - Default mode network https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Default_mode_network

I visited this thinkingclearly website. I've read the little article and went to read the about page. I'm gonna copy the content of this page here, because it's a nice piece of copywriting.

Assumptions are the enemy.
Background: medical doctor, M.Sc. Finance, management consulting, editor of medical management publication. Thinking, being creative and entrepreneurship is the air I breath. Love mindfulness. Compulsively drink Japanese and Chinese green tea.
Founder of Ireland’s leading education website. I’ve also dabbled in artisanal brands.

Thinkingclearly has a nice, slick design.

Besides the design, the article referred to a couple of useful website: Calm https://www.calm.com/ (really like the design and a couple of other things like social word instead of a button) and Headspace.

After I visited the Calm website I head over to their mindfulness tips page, I found this: https://www.calm.com/mindfulness-tips/relax/hygge-the-art-of-celebrating-life-little-things-and-everyday-comforts

The Danish word Hygge has a similar meaning. There’s no exact translation but it’s viewed as a ritual where one can find enjoyment and comfort in life’s simple pleasures. That might be enjoying the company of friends or family. Doing something that feels nurturing and creates contentment or feelings of warmth.

Hygge is about an atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things. It is about being with the people we love. A feeling of home. A feeling that we are safe, that we are shielded from the world and allow ourselves to let our guard down.

Some examples are creating a cozy evening by candlelight, eating comfort food, taking a warm bath, Doing something you enjoyed as a child, going for a bike ride with a good friend. Any simple pleasures that make you feel happy and comforted.

There is even a book about this called "The little book of Hygge".

To me, it means that I should celebrate the small victories.

A language learning approach developed by Tracy Terrell and Stephen Krashen, starting in 1977. It is based on the following tenets:

1. Language acquisition (an unconscious process developed through using language meaningfully) is different from language learning (consciously learning or discovering rules about a language) and language acquisition is the only way competence (the tacit knowledge that underlies the language performance of a speaker of a language) in a second language occurs. (The acquisition/learning hypothesis)
2. Conscious learning operates only as a monitor or editor that checks or repairs the output of what has been acquired. (The monitor hypothesis)
3. Grammatical structures are acquired in a predictable order and it does little good to try to learn them in another order.(The natural order hypothesis).
4. People acquire language best from messages that are just slightly beyond their current competence. (The input hypothesis)
5. The learner's emotional state can act as a filter that impedes or blocks input necessary to acquisition. (The affective filter hypothesis)

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Методика Монтессори сейчас очень популярна. Основоположником этой теории является детский психолог Мария Монтессори (19 век).
Работая в психиатрическом отделении, она разработала свою систему сначала для детей с ограниченными возможностями. Но потом, поняв ее эффективность, перенесла этот метод развития и на обычных детей. Методика Монтессори учитывает потребности, способности и одаренность каждого ребенка, его уникальность, и требует индивидуального подхода. Внутренняя свобода и самостоятельность - то, к чему стремятся в педагогике Монтессори.
"Помоги мне сделать это самому" - это основной девиз методики Монтессори. Все навыки ребенка формируются в процессе игры - от завязывания шнурков до мытья посуды. Ребенок сам выбирает материал, которым он будет заниматься (играть!). Педагог или родители приходят на помощь только тогда, когда она нужна ребенку.
Система Монтессори - это система без наказаний и поощрений. Наказание ведет к агрессии и неуверенности, а похвала - к зависимости.
Каковы же принципы методики Монтессори?
В группе дети разных возрастов. Младшие дети учатся у старших, а старшие, помогая маленьким, становятся более ответственными, заботливыми и внимательными к окружающим их людям.
В садах Монтессори мебель, материалы - все находится на уровне глаз ребенка. Малыш сам может достать любую вещь, которая ему понадобится, значит, он не зависит от взрослого. Все предметы расставлены в строгом логическом порядке. По системе Монтессори пространство условно делится на несколько зон. Одна зона приспосабливает ребенка к практической жизни - завязывать шнурки, застегивать пуговицы, мыть руки, чистить, рисовать, раскрашивать, вырезать и т. д.
В сенсорной зоне собраны материалы для развития органов чувств. Ребенок учится различать вес, цвет, длину, высоту предметов, т. е. познавать их свойства.
В языковой зоне дети учатся читать, составлять слова, развивается их словарный запас.
В математической - ребенок осваивает счет, учится выполнять различные вычисления.
Также есть зона двигательных упражнений, которая способствует физическому развитию ребенка.
Какой ребенок не любит пересыпать сыпучие продукты из одной тары в другую, играть мамиными кастрюлями или папиными инструментами, возиться в воде? В группах Монтессори дети удовлетворяют свое любопытство. Здесь все настоящее, а не игрушечное, только меньших размеров, и предметы изготовлены из природных материалов.
В группах, организованных по системе Монтессори, нет парт, каждый ребенок занимается, сидя на своем коврике или за маленьким столиком. Это является его личным пространством, и никто не вторгается в него, не спросив разрешения. Одно из основных правил в педагогике Монтессори - не мешать другим, убирать за собой.
В группе Монтессори все предметы в одном экземпляре и ребенку приходится решать: ждать своей очереди или играть в группе. Это приучает детей к порядку, чистоплотности и внутренней дисциплине.
В школах, работающих по методике Монтессори, детям также дается свобода. Их не сажают за парты, ученики сами выбирают над чем будут работать и в какой группе. Задача педагога лишь направлять интерес ребенка к нужному занятию, потому как именно учитель знает, на какой стадии развития находится каждый ребёнок.
Воспитывать по Монтессори, значит, давать свободу действия ребенку, уважать его выбор, интересы и его мнение. Именно поэтому педагогика Монтессори, как одна из уникальных методик, заслуживает внимания.
Существование различных методик развития детей позволяет родителям выбирать именно тот, который больше подходит их ребенку.
Например, чтобы ребенок рано научился читать (с полутора-двух лет), есть уникальный метод, который разработал Н.Зайцев.
Оригинальными кубиками Зайцева - разными по размеру и цвету, разными по звучанию - и играют, и учатся читать. Дети с 3 лет буквально после 2-3-х занятий могут читать слова и выстраивать при помощи кубиков Зайцева целые фразы.

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The 20 mile March | The Road to Greatness

To reach greatness you must focus on consistent and long term personal performance. In the book Great by Choice, author Jim Collins shares the story of two explorers, Amundsen and Scott, who led separate teams on an expedition race to the South Pole in 1911. The journey there and back was roughly 1,400 miles, which is equivalent to a round trip from New York City to Chicago.

While both teams would be traveling the same distance as each other through extremely harsh conditions, each team took an entirely different approach to the journey.

Scott's team would walk as far as possible on the good weather days and then rest up on the bad days to conserve energy.

Conversely, Amundsen's team adhered to a strict regimen of consistent progress by walking 20 miles every day no matter what the weather. While on good days Amundsen's team were very capable of walking further, Amundsen was adamant that they walk no more than 20 miles each day to conserve their energy.

Which one succeeded?

The team that took consistent action.

By taking consistent action everyday with the 20 mile march rather than spurts of inconsistent action, they made it to the South Pole on schedule. Scott's team that only travelled on good days ended up dying on the journey.



Bulletproof Copywriting
A quantifiably upgraded cup of coffee (It was written on the back of the pack)

Using the proprietary Bulletproof Process, Bulletproof Coffee Beans are meticulously grown at high altitudes on single estates, harvested, carefully processed and shipped to eliminate inflammation-casing, performance-robbing mold toxins commonly found in coffee and foods originating in the tropics.

Start the morning right with a 100% Arabica coffee chosen for clean, bright flavor. Combine it with pastured butter or Bulletproof Ghee and Bulletproof Brain Octane for a morning like no other. Loaded with beneficial antioxidants, you will feel the Bulletproof Coffee difference with your first cup.

About Bulletproof

Bulletproof products are designed to help you perform better, think faster, and live up to your fullest potential using a blend of time-tested knowledge and cutting-edge technology, backed by scientific research and measured results from customers, top athletes, and medical professionals.

Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof, continues a 15-year quest to upgrade the human body and mind by measurably improving mental and physical performance.

Notes from "Successful Negotiations" course on Coursera.
No business can survive without profitable contracts.

Negotiation skills are important to your career advancement.

Michigan is due east form Chichago.

I was born south of the border in a state called Ohio.

Now I should mention one other aspect of my background, it's a little bit embarrassing and I have never disclosed this publicly. So you are the first to know.

Now my friends and relatives probably realized that all along from my behaviours.

We have to address our Neanderthal heritage, which is based on the flight or fight response.

Or we flee.

A negotiation called "The House of Elm Street".

This feedback from the other side is one of the unique features of this course that you never obtain in real life.

You could have done a lot better.

but some interesting things came to light.

a huddle.

binge watch.

I look forward to working with you.

1. prepare: plan your negotiating strategy.
2. negotiate: use key tactics for success.
3. close: create a contract
4. perform and evaluate: the end game.


Median age.

City of Ann Arbor: 70% of adults have bachelor's degree or higher.

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Copyright Law Is Weird
Where do I even begin?

Copyright law is weird in some sense. I am not a lawyer who knows a lot about this topic. I know almost next to nothing about copyright laws.

There's a part about illegal distribution that I'm really worried about. Okay, so I bought a book (not an ebook), and I passed it on to my friend. I do whatever I want with my book. That's okay.

Now, I bought an ebook; can I pass it to my friend? Actually, I can't, in case the book states otherwise, right? Some books have creative common licence (or similar ones) that state that I can copy the book, but don't have the right to sell it.

I always think about an example of when you have an exceptional memory. Some people have it. What if I remembered the whole book and recite it in my public and I get money from my this. Am I breaking the law?

People who write books want their books to be popular, to be cited, to be shared. We live in an age of digital piracy where distribution is easy as ctrl+c and ctrl+v.

Some people came up with a DRM protection system, which I honestly hate. I hate it with my whole soul. Why? It's not that this system really protects you, it's just a pain in the ass. An example would be audio books from Audible. I bought a book there once. I didn't know about the DRM stuff (they don't market it when you buy a subscription), I just wanted to listen the audio book on my mp3. The thing is, as I discovered later, they don't support my mp3 player, and they don't support Linux either. It turns out they are not friendly.

For this reason, I hate Amazon and Kindle as well.

Now is not the time to worry if your book will be stolen. Now is the time to realize that if your book is awesome, people will buy it.

I have a question, have you come across the same problem with DRM in your life be it audio book, ebooks, or movies?

P.S. I bought a few books from Amazon with DRM, just to support my favourite authors. Do you buy digital products just to support you favourite authors, or musician, etc even when you can have a pirate version?

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